How to take full advantage of your claimed listing

Business storefront with sign that reads "Come in, we are OPEN"

First of all, congrats! Claiming your business listing is a big step towards improving your company's marketing. (If you're reading this but haven't claimed your listing yet, view the pricing plans, then visit your company's listing and click "claim listing.")

You literally are bringing hundreds of eyes to your company. That begs the question - how can you present your business in the best way possible?


1. Check all your information again.

Double-check your address, email address, website, and description in order to make sure everything is accurate.


2. Upload some images

Images of your business make a huge difference to the guide's users. They also give you a chance to share something different and unique about your company, such as the logo, the storefront, or your products. So if you have a Professional or Enterprise plan, put your (business's) best face forward and upload some profile images!


3. Add your social media information

If you have social media, now's a great time to add it to your listing. Social media can get even more people to connect with you.


4. Beef up your description

You now have a chance to share even more information with your potential customers. What makes you unique, what is your specialty? Maybe you have a story to share. Your description can let your business shine.


5. Check your analytics.

After a few days, check and see how many people have clicked on your Enterprise business listing page in the last week with "View Analytics."

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