“Siempre Bruja” on Netflix: a Witch in Present-Day Colombia

Netflix has been diversifying their offerings a lot lately. The types of content and the voices represented  have more variety than traditional TV. Producers and directors all over the world have been submitting projects to the media giant. As a result, nowadays, Netflix subscribers can sample a variety of content, across languages, topics and categories.

One of Netflix’ upcoming projects is “Siempre Bruja,” or “Always a Witch.” Here is the company’s synopsis for the show:

“After a witch time travels to avoid being burned at the stake, she must adjust to life in present-day Cartagena… but once a witch, always a witch.”

The Colombian production company Caracol produced the show. A mix of rising stars like Angely Gaviria, as well as better-known faces like youtuber Dylan Fuentes, compose the cast.

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