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  • B & N Legal Interpreting, Inc.

    Full service interpretation and translation company specializing in providing foreign language needs. Our services include interpretation, translation, sign language, telephonic interpretation, localization, audio visual and video remote interpreting. Our area of expertise includes but is not limited to legal, healthcare, life sciences, business, insurance government and education.

  • Haas Media, LLC

    Haas Media provides public outreach, communications, training and translation services. The firm also provides educational initiatives. Specific services include: public outreach, focus groups, stakeholder meetings/presentation skills. Translation services include but are not limited to Arabic, Chinese, French Creole, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

  • Interspeak Translations, Inc.

    Interspeak is dedicated to helping businesses in a wide range of industries communicate effectively in over 100 languages. We provide professional simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, for business meetings multilingual conferences, legal proceedings and medical consultations and are a premier provider of certified document translation and transcription.

  • Langalo Inc.

    Langalo Inc. is a language service provider. We provide translation services in over 60 languages, including certified translation for legal, financial, medical, marketing and educational purposes, and website translation services. We also offer court and medical interpretation services, medical interpretation training, and bilingual language assessments.

  • LC Interpreting Services, LLC

    LC Interpreting Services provides high quality interpreting services in American Sign Language, Spanish Sign Language and International Sign. LCIS also provides CART services for those who prefer speech-to-text translations. Services are available in all five boroughs of New Year City, Long Island, Westchester County and New Jersey.