How to take full advantage of your claimed listing

First of all, congrats! Claiming your business listing is a big step towards improving your company’s marketing. (If you’re reading this but haven’t claimed your listing yet, view the pricing plans, then visit your company’s listing and click “claim listing.”) You literally are bringing hundreds of eyes to your company. That begs the question -…

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Consulting, demystified

If you’ve ever heard someone say they are a consultant, you might nodded your head, but still felt a bit confused. I feel you! We all sort of know what consulting is, but not exactly. As of now, over 200 of the businesses listed on the Cowrie guide have listed consulting as a primary activity.…

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Productivity Tips for Home-based Businesses

You’re finally working on the project you’ve been meaning to bring to life for years. You’re finally letting out your creativity with a fun side hustle. You’re bringing home a little extra cash… but not quite yet enough to need an office space. Having a home-based business is challenging – it can be hard to…

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